Educational Counseling and Personal Development for Secondary School Students

Ivyclimbers educational counseling is a customized program to guide students to define their goals and objectives and to maximize their personal development and success. This process begins with a consultation with the student and their family to determine their goals and objectives. Then we develop a personalized program for each student and then form a team with the student and family to carry out the plan.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of  school curriculum and future courses, with recommendations for optimizing the student’s academic program.
  • Recommendations on selection, timing and preparation for standardized tests.
  • Recommendations for extracurricular activities and enrichment programs that will enhance the student’s personal and academic development.
  • Recommendations on participation in academic programs and competitions to challenge students and maximize their abilities and development.
  • Recommendations on suitable summer programs, research opportunities and internships. When applying for these programs we assist students in preparing and editing essays and applications, and in preparing for interviews.
  • Guide students in the most effective ways to communicate with schools and teachers.