Our courses for elementary and middle school students expose them to the joy of mathematics. We fire students imagination and creativity with problems and concepts not covered in the public schools, such as number theory, probability and combinatorics.

Our program has been created for students to extend their knowledge and skills in mathematics and to immerse them in the mathematical culture. Our goal is to train students’ basic mathematical abilities, incorporate speed, expose them to more challenging problems, and get ready for more advanced math subjects in preparing them for the future American Math Competitions (AMCs).

Our program is an enrichment program. Students should not expect to place out of any courses in school due to courses they have taken with us. The intensity of mathematics is balanced by the fun of student participation in in-class-competition or regional math contests to which we will take our students.

Who applies to Ivyclimbers Math Classes?

Students who can multiply and divide are encouraged to apply to our beginning classes. We do not place students by age or grade level—we instead place them by their respective math abilities.


Our course for middle school and high school students exposes them to introductory and intermediate computer science concepts to build a foundation for further studies and exploration of computer science. This class is suitable for motivated students in grades 7-11 with a solid background in mathematics. Previous experience in computer science is not required.

Who applies to Ivyclimbers Computer Science Classes?

-Students who are interested in a head start in academic studies.  This course will build a strong foundation for future success and prepare you for the AP Computer Science A exam.

-Students who want to learn programming tools and data analysis techniques that can be applied to individual research projects and to strengthen the applications to highly selective academic enrichment programs.

-Students who are interested in preparing for local and national competitions, including the USA Computing Olympiad. Students who gain the ability and knowledge to succeed in these competitions are successful in applications to selective universities and are well prepared for internships at leading technology companies.