Spring 2023 AP Chemistry

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AP Chemistry Prep  Class A &  B

Instructor: Prof. Jie Song

Lesson Plan: Starting on  February 18th and ending on April 23rd, there are two sessions, which are held on Saturday 7-9pm EST for Class A and 7:30-9:30pm EST on Sunday for Class B. Students can choose a class according to their own time. If there is a temporary need to change shifts, please inform the teacher in advance

The teacher will not only sort out the knowledge points learned, but also comment on FRQ’s answering skills from the perspective of AP examiners from the full real questions of previous years, and how to explain the reasons in concise language. Multiple choice questions are also be explained.

Suitable for students: Suitable for students who will take the AP Chemistry exam on May 1st, 2023

Hours: 10 lessons of two hours each


AP Chemistry Class A

 Sat 7-9pm(EST)

Dates: 2/18, 25, ¾, 11,18,25, 4/1, 8,15,22, 4/29(Free last-minute Q/A session), 5/1( AP chemistry Exam)


AP Chemistry Class B

Sunday 730-9:30pm(EST)

Dates: 2/19, 26,   3/5, 12, 19, 26,   4/2, 9, 16, 23,  4/29 (Free last-minute Q/A session), 5/1 AP chemistry exam

Lesson style: ZOOM teaching, If he student can’t attend either two sessions , please notify the teacher, Video playback is available. WeChat group Q&A.

Textbooks: The teacher will  provide the review materials

Note: Try to register in advance, the teacher will send review materials after payment. Students can prepare in advance. Because there are a  lot of materials, we will not accept withdrawal after payment.

Tuition: $750 for the new students and $700 for the current students



AP Exam Prep Review Class Topics
Class A Class B  
02-18 02-19 FRQ-1. Quantum Theory/Solids/ Stoichiometry
02-25 02-26 FRQ-2. Lewis Structure/VSPER/VB/
03-04 03-05 FRQ-3. Intermolecular Forces/Solution/Gases
03-11 03-12 FRQ-4. Kinetics
03-18 03-19 Multiple-choice-1
03-25 03-26 FRQ-5. Equilibrium & Weak Acid/Base
04-01 04-02 FRQ-6. Buffer/Solubility/Titration
04-08 04-09 FRQ-7. Thermochemistry
04-15 04-16 FRQ-8. Electrochemistry
04-22 04-23 Multiple-choice-2
04-29 Free last-minute Q/A session
05-01 AP Chemistry Exam – Good luck!


Prof. Song graduated in 2002 with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (Theoretical/computational Chemistry) and did postdoctoral research at Ames Laboratory, USDOE. Since 2004, he has been Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Chemistry at University of Michigan-Flint and regularly teaches one-year General Chemistry (the college analog of AP Chemistry) and Physical Chemistry.

Dr. Song has tutored many high school students in AP Chemistry;  among them, 60% got 5 in the AP Chemistry examination  and 30% a grade of 4. In addition, many students qualified for the USNCO National Exam and about 10 students got USNCO High Honor Award (nationally top 50), Honor Award (top 150), Honorable mention (nationally top 151-200), USNCO summer camp (top 20), Canadian summer camp (top 10), as well as 2021 US IChO team (won a gold medal) and 2022 Canada IChO team. In addition, he also serves as the judge for Special Award at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Payment Details:

-Payment may be made by Zelle Quick Pay to ivyclimbers@gmail.com

Please include your students name in the payment memo!